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Health & Human Service Small Learning Community

Second Chance Technology Edge High School

2500 E.T. C. Jester Ste 362 Houston, TX 77008

Health & Human Service Learning Academy 

SCTE provides Career Technology Classes and Certifications for students enrolled in high school.  As a STEM Academy we actively engage participants, in our effort to  increase the participation of minorities and women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine. HHS Learning Academy recruits and educates  students from elementary school to college; we provide challenging training, seminars, and symposiums on STEM topics. HHSLA programs are supported by the Health and Human Service Academy. Our students enjoy the ability to service learn. HHSLA seeks scholarships, grants, and internships for juniors and seniors in our program. 

HHSLA has volunteered, engaged and co-sponsored projects that advocate to reduce heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AID, and infant mortality just to name a few. Students work closely with HHS Academy and volunteer  for the American Heart Association, March of Dimes, Office of Minority Health, End Homelessness, National Girls CollaborativeTake a Loved One to the Doctor Day, American Cancer Society, and Breast Cancer Awarenes. As a STEM organization we actively seek partners and collaborations to increase the positive impact of STEM projects and STEM Research for high school students. Students enrolled in the Healthcare Academy explore research opportunities in emerging fields in health, healthcare, medicine, science, and technology. Students visit health facilities, speak with scientist, engineers, nurses, case managers, human service &  public health professionals, as well as medical doctors on topics of interest. 

Mission : We want to prepare graduates to enter the health care field or post secondary institutions prepared to learn and serve others with skill, ethics, and compassion; culturally sensitive and respectful of patients rights. Students are introduced to  Health, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Robotics, HIT,  and Medicine to create an holistic understanding of the nexus between  effective and efficient of quality healthcare and STEM. The edification of  health information, health education,  health resources, innovative research is predicated on students understanding of the synergy between all models of human service; the Public Health Model; the Medical Model; the Social Welfare Model, and the Human Service Model. STEM and HHS are based on the ontological assumption that students, patients, healthcare providers, social service agencies and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service . are  extended networks of care essential to integrated healthcare access and delivery. 

Vision: increase the number of students from diverse background, cultures, and experiences to the healthcare profession.

The expected outcome of this effort is train high school students to become community health promoters and healthcare professionals ready and prepared to serve citizens in inner city; urban center, and rural communities of America; increasing the number of culturally diverse healthcare professionals prepared to decrease healthcare disparities; while decreasing the healthcare worker shortage in underserved communities. The overall impact of HHSLA is proud to join the fight to improve healthcare quality; healthcare access, healthcare delivery, while decreasing churning,  reducing healthcare cost, and increasing the number of high school students prepared to enter the healthcare professionals.

Enrollment requirements meet with your counselor and submit all application and recommendation before the end of each semester: Fall, Spring, & Summer. Scholarships recommendations are due before the 5th Jan & 5th June each calendar year.  All programs require an application, uniform, and textbooks. All programs are designed for participants to enjoy and engage in education, healthcare training  and cultural enrichment required to serve their community.

Healthcare providers are required to follow specific guidelines based on the healthcare regulations, license, certification, and/or the transfer of  credits to other schools or universities.

Healthcare is profession that requires background checks for individuals working in allied and public health. Student receive social skills training and guidance counseling to assure that graduation leads to the allied health school or program of their choice.

HHSLA students may choose to explore many disciplines or specialties in healthcare. HHSLA students are surrounded with opportunities. We are less than 20 minutes from the famous Texas Medical Center


  • Healthcare Coordination
  • Healthcare Information Delivery
  • Healthcare Promotion
  • Healthcare Research
  • Healthcare Assessments
  • Healthcare -Emergency Care
  • Healthcare - Long-term
  • Healthcare - Direct in patient care
  • Healthcare- End of Life or Chronically Ill
  • Healthcare- Mental Illness and Mental Incapacity
  • Geriatrics and Infant Care
  • Family Centered Care
  • Emergency Responders and Disaster Relief
  • Healthcare Outreach
  • Healthcare Management
  • Certified Nurse Aide
  • Phlebotomy
  • Healthcare Translator and interpreter
  • Medication Aide

 Houston is the Mecca of healthcare providers and number (1) one in the nation is healthcare delivery; and moving  toward the status of top city for Research.

Houston provides the opportunity for healthcare workers to seek employment in a variety of healthcare settings.

Ambulatory care, Behavioral HealthCare, Critical Access Hospitals, Home Care, Hospitals, Laboratory Services, Long Term Care, & Office-Based Surgery.

According the CMS Kaiser State Report; Texas & Louisiana have challenges to be addressed. BHHS is a human service healthcare agency; we focus on providing holistic services to: individuals, families, healthcare providers, and business to improve healthcare quality, delivery, access, and outcomes. BHHS provides an opportunity for healthcare providers to train, research, explore, and network. 



  1. Vary (According to program selected)

  2. Attend the orientation session

  3. Requirements: Uniform, Textbook, healthcare supplies

  4. Requirements: Physical exam,

  5.  Immunization: Hepatitis B series, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, and varicella

Key Benefits

  • 40,000 or more new jobs are expected to be created in healthcare in Texas;
  • Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and highest paid careers in America
  • BHHS training is short; effective, efficient
  • BHHS training results in a certificate or license
  • BHHS partners allow healthcare professionals in CNA's, Nursing, and other healthcare  fields to bridge to other colleges, universities, and healthcare trades to continue their education
  • BHHS academy provide services to  Elementary, Middle, and High school students, as well as Adults out of school. 




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