Second Chance Technology Edge High School

 Melanistic Black Panthers

School Motto:

Soli Deo Gloria, "To God Alone be the Glory"

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  Early Childhood Institute

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Academic Programs & Support Services

Practicum Students, Graduate & Undergraduate

A Great place to Learn and Give Back !

LMFT, MHS, Psy, and CHEA: Nursing, PreMed, Counseling, Social Work, Public Administration, Criminal Justice and many, many more college juniors, seniors, and graduate students can benefit from this experience. Post graduates we welcome your expertise.

Key Benefits NPA, HRSA, NIH, PhiBetaLambda, APH, AID, &WHO! Join us! Connect within our network of opportunity.

bulletReceive practicum hours
bulletLearn with hands on experience
bulletWork with related disciplines
bulletWork across domains
bulletHealthcare Community Service
bulletHealthcare CEU


Working with national partners and Because Houston Loves You to advance the study of human service to solve community, public health, and social service dilemmas.

Capability 1
Learns how to assess and evaluate inventories
Capability 2
Create white papers and blog on program progress
Capability 3
Learn and earn assistant and support protocol

Counselors Corner & Parent Resources

American School Counselors Association
Resources for parents
Learning Disabilities
Preparing & Paying for your child's transition to college
American Counseling Association
Provides resources for counselors and practitioners in related fields


Academies for school choice!

Second Chance Technology Edge offers four programs for students to achieve academic success.

Pinnacle Academy  serves middle school students; elementary students are accepted on a case by case basis.

College Preparatory Academy is an accelerated high school program that requires 24 credits to graduate; Students in college prep academy may enroll in college credit courses.

Credit Recovery Academy is designed to assist students who were not successful in a course. Students in credit recovery must have prior approval from transfer school counselors to transfer credit to their home school.

 Advanced Placement Academy is designed for students who wish to advance a course to meet early graduation requirements. Please check with home school counselors before you enroll in or AP program.

Each academy provides youth with the confidence, motivation, and competency needed to succeed in high school.

For More Information Contact:
Second Chance Technology Edge
2500 E.T.C. Jester Ste 362

Houston, TX 77008
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