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Credit Recovery-Scholarships-Grants

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Failure is not permanent; recover your credit and continue your education.

Our Grant and Scholarship Program for 2015-2016

Preparing to Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary.... we want to say thank you the best way we know how!

100 High School Students that left school classified as a junior or seniors may qualify for a free tuition scholarship.

100 Students will be given full tuition to recover credits in grade 6th-8th

Guidelines : 100 students that left school as a junior or senior will be able to graduate by recovering their credits.  Seniors must participate in the graduation exercise and meet graduation requirements. Student at SCTE are required to take the TSI and enroll in college, the U.S. Military, or an approved Vocational School. Cap, gowns. and books are not a part of tuition. Cap, Gown, and tassel is estimated at $100.00. Honors cords or other graduation regalia will be available for selection online.  Students must purchase or borrow their textbooks. Caps and Gowns must be ordered from Second Chance only.  Students that do not live in Houston may participate; make sure you coordinate your course access with a Second Chance Counselor. Email: You must register at the

Tuition is covered; this does not cover books. Students may order books online. (estimated cost $10.00 to $20.00 a textbook).  Students with internet access can acquire online textbook. Some are free and some are not. It depends on the state, subject, and school district. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, income, nationality, citizenship, sex or gender. Student must go to to submit an application. You will be given an answer in two business days.

Regular Credit Recovery Program

Student may participate in our credit recovery program; while enrolled in their home school. Students from private, home school, public school, and incarcerated youth in Texas and other states may enroll online or in person.

Students who participate in credit recovery must have permission from their public home school.

Credit Recovery is a program designed to serve youth who have failed a class in school.  Credit recovery courses are offered year -round at SCTE. Student who participate in credit recovery must pass course exit exams.

Credits transferred from SCTE credit recovery program are accepted at public schools. Student make sure you enroll in the proper program and course for your school to accept your credit. .

Students and parents who wish to enroll in our credit recovery program must do so with the permission of the school counselor if the student is currently enrolled in school.

Students without internet access must order books. Student may come to class during regular class time. You must register, get an id, and schedule. You must have a transcript from your home school. We will verify your identity and school records.

Credit recovery is available to elementary, middle, and high school students.

Fees: Standard fees at SCTE are $100.00 per course (for standard courses) in your state contact a SCTE counselor, prices vary depending on course. Please note the cost of the class is determined by the program that you select. SCTE credit recovery is requires the A & B to acquire 1 credit; if your school has  a different system make sure you speak with the counselor. State transferable credits vary by school and transfer institution. You must meet with the registrar before enrolling in credit recovery.

Books and study guides fees vary by course and tutorial program.

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