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Divert, Expunge, & Reform

We want to divert youth from the juvenile justice system, expunge their records, and provide education and resources to improve their quality of life. We posit that poverty, lack of guidance, school failure are three causes of juvenile delinquency. Second Chance provides education, job training, and mentors to help youth navigate adolescence without becoming a victim of boredom and anger.  

Mentoring & Service Learning with a purpose


Mentors make a Difference by improving the social and emotional disposition of students. Adolescence is a very difficult time for many youth; mentors fill the void of missing parents; they provide comfort to youth who need to talk; they provide guidance to youth making basic life decisions without the supervision of a counselor/advisor.

 Key Benefits

bulletStudents connect with a positive role model
bulletStudents receive individual attention
bulletParents receive a partner in their child's academic success
bulletStudent meet professionals who help them understand their the benefits of choosing occupation versus incarceration.
bulletStudents have access to another friend; one with life experiences to share.
bulletMentors and tutoring is provided morning, afternoon, evening, and weekends.
bulletTutor help youth with academic & workforce skills


bulletTutoring hours vary according to location
bulletAll subjects are available to elementary and intermediate students . High School students attend class tutorials.
bulletMiddle and High School tutoring require students to bring books and supplies
bulletTutoring has rules.. please follow the guidelines
bulletOrientation is required for acceptance in the tutoring and mentoring program.

After school Program

STEMM: Girls Collaborative & Boy Collaborative

Tutoring and Mentoring for the future science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical doctors or allied health professionals.

Children ages 5-13 may attend the after school programs

Giving back is what we do. Join us; Volunteer to Give Back


Second Chance seek mentors, tutors, and professional to volunteer in all of our programs. 

American Counseling Association and Chi Iota
Social Workers & Juvenile Justice Majors
Texas Social Workers Association ;Student Social Workers
Case Managers
Human Service and Psychology majors from major universities and colleges in the city.

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Information Request Form

Select the program of interest and a SCTE staff member will contact you to answer your questions.

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