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" Teen fathers engagement is essential to strong families"

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"While children are a blessing; young parents are often overwhelmed by the responsibility of adulthood and parenthood".

Young  Parents & Expectant Parents Program

The counseling and case management department is equipped to provide extensive programs and services for teens mothers and fathers. Expectant teen parents are prepared for a new baby with information, education, and basic resources that many teens need . The challenges  of  remaining in school; improving academic achievement; keeping their children in good health; providing a safe and secure environment for themselves and for their children; and providing for their basic needs can be overwhelming.

All teen parent programs provide weekly support groups on parenting skills, parent-child activities, along with information and referral services.


Fathers' Say... Stay Connected

Fathers needs guidance, we seek fathers to help young fathers learn about the responsibilities of become a DAD.  

 Workforce Skills and Childcare are essential to helping teens remain in school. We strive to promote successful students and successful parents.


Activities and support for teen moms must include teen Fathers:

Teen Pregnancy Prevention & Intervention Program  utilize a variety of approaches and strategies to: reduce teenage unintended pregnancy and absentee fatherhood, while promoting  responsible parenting that assist adolescents with accessing clinical services during pregnancy and after the birth of the child.

We have to accept the fact that children having children is not healthy; it is not what many parents want for their children. The goal of this programs is help families remain strong and intact. We do that by focusing on the health and wellbeing of the mother.

Second Chance Case Managers are diversity professionals that take into consideration diversity, culture, economics, background, education, and personal preferences.  Intern from human service programs volunteer and interns  to provide holistic human service for adolescents at risk for parenthood.  Counseling, education, job training provide real life scenarios and role play to help teen understand and prepare for  the responsibility of parenting; as well as the benefits of abstinence and/or safe sex that prevents unwanted pregnancy.


Contact: Second Chance Technology Edge or the Health & Human Service Learning Academy to get help.    

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