Second Chance Technology Edge High School

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Graduation Day is a Day of Celebration


Healthcare Class of 2010

Dr. Hebert at the Senior Luncheon 10

HealthCare Class 2011

Real Estate Dual Credit 09

Officers of the Class of Dec 08

Val & Sal Dec 08

Parent Performs for the Class 08

Celebration Dec 08

Pinnacle Students Summer 08

Summer School 08

Studying for the Finals

The Class of July of 08

Health care Class 2010

Mentors Celebration

Teamleader Healthcare Academy

Adult Graduate with Pride Dec 2010

STEM Club Summer 2011

STEM Club Etiquette Class 2011

STEM-Girls Collaborative Summer 2011

Graduate December 2010-HCCS


Future SCTe-Sum2011

Grad Day Prep May 09

Senior May 2009

Celebration May 2009

May 2009 Grad

May 2009

May 2009

Val tears of job -May 09

College Recruiter Transition Orientation 09

Sr 2009

Rep. Turner transition IBEST Grad Dec 09

Senior May 09

Mascot.... Melanstic Black Panther

Seniors Grub Out 2010

It is a Buffet.... Great Company- Great Memories

Board Members

Lawyers Provide Advice to Mentors and Students

Mrs. Matthews makes her point!

Technology is a must!

July 07 Graduates Stand for Photos

May 07- Senior Raps to Express Senior Views

Family waits graduation is alway on Mothers Day

After the Senior Breakfast, Student Relax May 2007

Senior Class May 07 wait for Last Grad Practice

Instructors are ready to explain

Senior Class of May 2008

In the Army; Sal 2008

Senior Class of 08

July 08 Picture Day

Teen Parents Class of 2008

Teen Parents do it together Class of 2008

From Pinnacle to SCTE to HCCS -May Grad 08

How will I look ... July Grads 08

Senior Trip -Kemah 08

It's Just Fun...

Dec Class of 07

Dec Class of 07-From Pinnacle to SCTE-to HCCS

December Grad 2007

Dr. Jennifer Johnson Caldwell-Internal Medicine

From 2006 to 2011 Dr. Caldwell has donated her service to youth at Second Chance.Thank you!