Education without Boundaries is Limitless

Second Chance Technology Edge High School

 Melanistic Black Panthers

School Motto:

Soli Deo Gloria, "To God Alone be the Glory"

 2500 East T.C. Jester Ste 362

Houston, TX 77008

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Second Chance Registration and Information

Registration 1st Monday of each month

Second Chance Registers Year-round

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       "A Texas Private School & Texas Home School "

 College Preparatory High School

Pinnacle Ninth Grade Center

Health & Human Service Learning Academy 


Serving the Underserved

Our mission is to provide students  the opportunity to academically engage in the learning processes.  We have some of the most brilliant and engaging students in Texas; they choose fields of study as varied as the opportunities in America. Students can choose to join clubs and organization found in each learning academy. They may choose from  STEM , Business Technology, Information Systems Technology, Construction TechnologyHealthcare,  Energy, Oil & Gas,Human Service, Social Service & Childcare. Thanks to the Texas Girls Collaborative and STEM. Some students choose to serve their country, they join  the U.S. Military; while other choose to become Emergency Responders specializing in disaster relief. Our first class of healthcare students earned  certifications in health and  emergency response in 2011. Thanks to our partner the Health & Human Service Academy.  A special thank you to Houston Community College  Coleman Health Science Center; Harris County Hospital District, Lexington Place Rehabilitation & Nursing, Texas Worksource Solutions, and Texas Workforce Commission who have provided resources, opportunity ,and financial support for Second Chance students. 

Dr. Freddie Wade, Director for Workforce and Dual Credit at Houston Community College has made it possible for youth to earn college credit since our first class in 2006. Thank you to the deans of business and health who provided dual credit  in real estate, business, health and technology. As our new partners join us to advance and improve our students CATE programs that lead to  job training  opportunities, we welcome the expansion of the industrial trades, oil and refineries, and skilled craftsman. We say Thank you and We are better because of you..

 SCTE was created to serve wards of the state, specially, youth in foster care and youth exiting foster care in 2006. Thank you for the opportunity, Texas Department Child & Family Protective Services and so many partners that made Phi Beta Zeta at the Hay Center and Second Chance a viable alternative to high school drop out, homelessness, & dependency of state resources. Our mission has expanded to serve foster youth, foster alumni, refugees students, immigrant students,  homeless youth, juvenile probationers, pregnant teens, teen parents, and students with disabilities. Our objective is to give Texas At Risk Youth a second chance by providing them with a quality education & basic life skills  that opens the doors of opportunity to employment, college, trade school, US Military, business, health, and STEM careers.

A Texas Private School that specializes in serving Wards of the State,

Homeless & At Risk Youth

Pinnacle Ninth Grade Center

Recover Credits and Transition to High School

Failure is always an option, we can assure you; failure is not permanent!

From the Streets to a College Seat!   Don't Procrastinate! Graduate


    Job Referrals and Scholarships Available



Credit Recovery

Advanced Placement

CLEP -Prep

Dual Credit


Counselors who know what to do; teachers that  teach with purpose; administrators who listen and respect teachers ability to teach, lead, inspire, and motivate learning, with the desired outcome

Graduation, Entry Level Employment Skills,  and College Preparation.

Pease visit the Second Chance Technology Edge website to learn more about the Middle and High School Program. Phi Beta Zeta Go Center provides and after school and tutorial program for elementary; middle, and high school students.  You may enroll in Second Chance programs and learn more about the services we provide.

Assistive Technology, Online Learning, STAR assistance, and individually design course work to improve student academic, social, and emotional growth.

We provide master level instructors and integrated curriculum.

Go to Second Chance Technology Edge High for more information and registration.

Twenty-four Credits needed for graduation.

Second Chance Technology Edge (SCTE)  students follow a comprehensive educational curriculum covering the course requirements for the  Texas Recommended Diploma.  Second Chance provides an adult education program for young adults who have left the public school setting. Students enrolled in SCTE actively engage in classroom discussion on theological reasoning and character building. SCTE students are allowed and encouraged to engage in religious discourse;  Christianity is celebrated and studied; along with other religions.

Students enrolled in Second Chance Technology Edge are transitioned to college following standard educational practices.



Students Complete a Prescribed Course of Study


Student Complete & Submit their Financial Aid Application


Student Prepare & take  the Compass Test or ACT


Student Enroll in the college of their choice and follow the college prescribed course of study. 


Student are encourage to enroll in our Go Center incubator program that includes College courses from a variety of programs traditional and non traditional.


College Orientation is Mandatory


Credit By Exam and Advanced Placement are available to students who qualify

Specialized Services for Foster Youth, Foster Alumni, & Wards of the State

  1. Completion & Submission of the ETV Package
  2. Referral to Transitional Medicaid provider
  3. Referral to P.A.L. Services
  4. Referral to A.I.M. an alumni organization for foster youth
  5. Mentors and Tutors are available to assist youth who are enrolled in college or the trade of their choice
  6. Assistance with obtaining on campus employment
  7. LD tutoring and guidance for youth with learning disabilities.
  8. Come to the Center to find out  and use an elaborate set of self -sufficiency and transition services provided by our partners.

Enrollment Requirements: Registration & Orientation

You must attend an orientation: Online for non-Texas Youth

 Official transcript high school

Last report card/progress note middle school 

 Shot record, State or school issued ID

    Withdrawal form; former school if graduating

 Registration fee  $170.00 Middle $ 270.00 High School

 Monthly tuition is $400.00 (Scholarship) 800.00 Without Scholarship

 Parents must sign enrollment form for children under 18

  Bill showing the address of parent or child

Supporters, Contributors, and Affiliates

a) P.A.L. Services  b) A.I.M Services c) Texas Workforce Commission d) U. S. Department of Labor Services

e) The University of Houston  f) Phi Beta Zeta -Go Center  g) Texas Workforce Solutions h) Houston Community College, St. Thomas University;  Texas Southern University, and Baylor College of Medicine. .

Support Services; Anger Management; parenting, truancy intervention, domestic violence, teen pregnancy prevention, child abuse counseling, along with grief & loss counseling.                                                                                                                                                        

Referral Agencies: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services: Texas Health and Human Service Service Commission; Texas Youth Commission; Texas Juvenile Probation Commission;  Covenant House , and Delpelchin .

Pinnacle Ninth Grade Center begins its intensive case management and behavioral modification program for students in middle school. Call our office for details. 832-301-4808

You may contact, Professor Matthews, at (832)301-4808 0r (713)283-4736

" AmeriCorps & Apprenticeship opportunities are coming !

Specialized Services to empower foster youth and foster alumni

A Proud Member of the


 Texas Home School Association